Product Development Services




Formulation – develop a formula that enables a key liquid ingredient to be successfully spray dried; modify an existing formula to change/improve spray drying characteristics or effectiveness.

Pilot Process Protocol Development – document pilot process protocol that results in a successful powder at the pilot level.

Pilot Spray Drying – perform spray drying experiments to test formulas and protocols.

Scale-Up – conduct commercial dryer trials to scale the product from pilot spray dryers to commercial dryers; optimize the commercial spray drying process protocol to QIC dryers.


Development Expertise – QIC employs an internal Product Scientist and regularly accesses an external network of development (formulation and spray drying) experts.

Pilot Spray Drying Equipment – QIC owns and operates a Niro Mobile Minor pilot spray dryer. The pilot spray dryer is invaluable for product development purposes. We are able to run spray drying and spray chilling/prilling pilot trials, producing 100 gram samples. Multiple trials can be performed in a single day. While the pilot spray dryer is not a duplication of a commercial dryer, or a substitute for a trial on a commercial dryer, it will provide insight as to whether a liquid can be dried, possible drying requirements, and potential drying challenges.

Pilot Spray Dryer Specs

Water Evaporate Rate 10#/Hour
Solids Range 10% – 100%
Atomization Rotary Wheel; Dual Fluid Nozzle
Minimum Output 100 gram
Typical Day Output 1 KG
Special Capabilities Homogenization, Spray Chill, Allergen Capable

Business Arrangements

Customer provides:

  1. Project objectives – criteria for success and any constraints
  2. Any learnings from prior development work
  3. Most, or all, raw materials

QIC provides:

  1. Services on a per hour basis
  2. Formula and pilot protocols become the customer’s intellectual property
  3. Standard development work reports

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