Overview of What Quality Ingredients Corporation Offers


Quality Ingredients (QIC) is a service business that turns liquid into powder, to serve the needs of our customers.

We think of ourselves, first and foremost, as a service business because we see QIC as being about the customer first and the product second. In other words:

  1. We look for customers where there can be a good, long-term mutual fit between the two companies. Good mutual fit is driven by commonalities in how we run our businesses, along with QIC’s offerings being uniquely able to build a manufacturing advantage for the customer.
  2. If there is good mutual fit, what product we actually manufacture for a customer is of secondary concern. We are not focused on specific types of powders and you will not see QIC claiming industry expertise in one group of powders over another. We manufacture colors, cheese powders, dietary supplements and everything in between – whatever the customer wants and we are able to do. The product itself is secondary to us and the dryers themselves were not built to focus exclusively on certain products.

So, we are in the business of serving our customers’ need to turn liquid into powder. In doing so, our offerings fall into the following three categories:

  1. Contract Manufacturing Services– we produce a customer’s powder to their specification, under their direction, and their label.
  2. Product Development Services – we provide formulation and process protocol work to customers that enables their product to be contract manufactured under their label.
  3. QIC Branded Powder Products – we develop and manufacture powders that customers’ request where those requests are to buy an off-the-shelf item; these become QIC owned and labeled powders that are then available to the general marketplace.