Custom Spray Drying



Custom spray drying – transform liquids into dry powders by spraying the liquid into a spray dryer where it makes contact with hot air that removes the moisture.

Prilling – transform liquid melts into dry powders by spraying the liquid/melt into a spray dryer where it makes contact with ambient or cooled air. Spray chilling creates an encapsulation that used to protect ingredients, convert liquids into solids, and provide a means for controlled release. This process is known as spray chilling, spray congealing, prilling, or escapsulation.


QIC owns and operates three Tall Form towers for custom spray drying. The three towers are scaled and designed to spray dry food grade specialized items, which typically require unique processing. One tower is also set up to perform spray chilling/prilling.

T1 Tall Form

T2 Tall Form

T3 Tall Form

Water Evap Rate 650 #/HR 350 #/HR 350 #/HR
Solids Range 10% – 100% 10% – 50% 10% – 50%
Nozzles One One One
Homogenizer 5000 LB PSI 5000 LB PSI 5000 LB PSI
Pasteurization 300 Gallon Vat 300 Gallon Vat 400 Gallon Vat
Pressure Pump 10000 LB PSI 5000 LB PSI 5000 LB PSI
Exhaust Wet Scrubber Wet Scrubber Wet Scrubber
Fluid Bed Yes Yes Yes
Silos Three None None
Packaging Bags, drums, box, mylar Bags, drums, box, mylar Bags, drums, box, mylar
Special Capabilities Spray chill enscapsulation Runs in tandem w/T3 Runs in tandem w/T2
Flexible Processing Options Yes Yes Yes
Cat Ox Odor Control Yes No No

Typical Business Arrangements

Customer provides:

  1. Formula
  2. General process protocol to be followed
  3. Most, or all, raw materials
  4. All inbound and outbound transportation

QIC provides:

  1. Services on a per pound or per hour basis (depending on product and process)
  2. Standard lab tests
  3. Standard production reports

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