Quality Ingredients Corporation named Manufacturer of the Year 2013

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Quality Ingredients Corporation, a leader in the food ingredient supplier industry, is honored to be named Manufacturer of the Year 2013 by the Manufacturers Alliance association in Minnesota in the medium size company category. The association makes its awards to companies who demonstrate exemplary willingness to share expertise and experience with other manufacturers, enabling continuous improvement across the entire  manufacturing spectrum of industries.

Quality Ingredients Corporation has long had a focus on continuous improvement, and began its lean manufacturing journey upon the arrival of  Robert St. Louis, Chief of Operations, in 2011. Lean manufacturing connects continuous improvement with value, defined as any action or process that a customer is willing to pay for. “The goal is to preserve value with less work, ensuring that all of our efforts are directed at activities that matter to our customers,” said St. Louis. “Sharing our experiences with the wider Manufacturers Alliance network helps us grow and improve, and in turn helps
others seeking similar gains in their organizations. It’s a win-win.”

Isabelle Day, CEO of Quality Ingredients Corporation reinforces the benefits of sharing experiences and information. “We increasingly compete in a global environment; it is important that manufacturing in the United States and in Minnesota grow stronger and more competitive every day. As a mid-size company, we especially recognize the critical role that a strong network of outside resources can play in helping us to grow stronger and more competitive. It is our honor to receive this award for sharing our own experiences and insights that may assist other manufacturers in their own pursuit to operational excellence.” Established more than 20 years ago, the Alliance now has over 300 member companies and represents a wide cross-section of Minnesota manufacturing. St. Louis believes that there has never been a better time to connect with other leaders in manufacturing,  noting that “standards are getting higher and economic pressure is growing. We have to be sure that everything we do makes a difference for our customers.”

About Manufacturers Alliance

For more than twenty years, the Manufacturers Alliance (MA) association in Minnesota has provided over 300 local manufacturers with practical  peer-to-peer education, training, networking and resources, enabling manufacturers to help each other in non-proprietary ways to improve universal processes.