Positive Growth Image

QIC brings value to select market segments. We believe QIC has the potential for steady, but significant, future growth far into the future. We see that growth coming in three potential ways:

  1. QIC is not well known in the marketplace. We have yet to fully communicate and market the value that we bring to our chosen segments. We have yet to fully identify all the customers that comprise our chosen segments. Consequently, we see growth stemming from driving our current offerings and capabilities deeper into chosen segments.
  2. QIC brings a unique model and approach to contract manufacturing. We will be exploring if that model is of value beyond our chosen segments today. If it is, QIC may explore the business proposition of expanding its spray drying and spray chilling focus beyond its current targeted segments.
  3. Today, QIC manufactures powders. We do get asked about performing pre- and post- drying services. While we offer product development services today, we may explore the business proposition of a broader scope of pre- or post- drying services.