Quality Ingredients Corporation is not a typical small company.

Quality Ingredients Corporation is an Employee Stock Ownership CompanyWe are proud to be a privately owned company; we are proud that our owners are our employees.   In industry language, we are what is known as an ESOP (employee stock ownership program). 100% of our stock is owned by our employees. That makes every employee directly vested in the health and performance of the company. Every employee personally feels the value of our wins; every employee personally feels the costs of our challenges. Every employee is a company ambassador to all of our outside stakeholders – customers, community, and regulatory agencies. As employees retire, the company buys back their stock and recirculates it to remaining and new employees. ESOP’s are meant to serve as a source of retirement assets and a healthy ESOP will provide a generous amount of value to long-term employees.

QIC is a privately owned company, run as a highly professional entity, as demonstrated by:

  • Governed by a Board of Directors
  • Audited annually for compliance to GAAP accounting standards
  • Assessed and evaluated annually for stock valuation purposes
  • Run by a professional management team
  • Adhere to professional management principles (eg performance management, defined processes, root cause analysis)

QIC’s success and conservative principles have enabled it to be financially healthy and secure. We are debt free, we own our building and every asset under roof, and we financed our recent expansion completely with our own cash. We are prepared for financial challenges that may surface. We are in control of our destiny.


As a customer, why does working with such an atypical small company provide you an advantage? Count the ways:

  1. We are in the business for the long haul
  2. We are predictable in our business decisions.
  3. We are not subject to non-business related forces.
  4. Every employee is personally vested in the company’s success and your success.

In short, you can count on us – we are here to stay, we are run professionally, employee turnover is extremely low. All of these attributes of stability allow us to do what we do best – focus on serving you and bringing you the best contract manufacturing experience you have ever encountered.