Contract Spray Drying Services and Premium Powdered Food Ingredients by Quality Ingredients Corporation

Quality Ingredients Corporation is a spray drying industry leader with over 25 years of experience transforming liquids into stable powders. As a premium supplier of contract spray drying services and powdered food ingredients, we understand the essential role the right ingredient plays in your finished product, and that precise processing can make all the difference.

You can expect products and services tailored to your unique needs when you work with Quality Ingredients Corporation, leveraging our experience and scientific expertise.

    • Experience: over the past twenty-five years, we’ve served a wide range of customers looking to tap into our expertise in liquid-to-powder conversion
    • Scope: in addition to our line of powdered food ingredients , including cheese powders, specialized flavors and more, we also provide contract spray drying and spray chilling services
    • Scale: with production spray dryers that range in size from large, small and specialized, we offer flexibility to economically dry large and small scale campaigns
    • Quality: our standards meet or exceed those of the industry, and our process engineering ensures a consistent product every time
    • Technical Resources: our team of food scientists and operations experts will guide you to innovative solutions for your custom ingredients or contract spray drying needs

From proprietary food and nutritional to custom-manufactured ingredients like spray-chilled fats and spray dried flavors, we serve all your powdered food ingredient needs. We aspire to be the most trusted link in your supply chain, working daily to understand your business so we can offer the best solutions for you.

Give us a call at 952-898-4002 or contact us by email for more information about Quality Ingredients Corporation and our range of powdered food ingredients and spray drying services.